Step in. Chill out.

No matter how you sauna, once you own a Thermory Barrel Sauna, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Thermory barrels give you a unique space to indulge on your own, share with old friends, or connect with new ones. It’s an experience as social as it is spiritual.

And it’s just steps outside your door.

Imagine what you would do in your own Thermory Barrel Sauna. Then, make it yours.

Rethink your

Sometimes you feel like the only difference between you and a superhero is the cape. But when your work is done, it’s time to power down.


Once you step into a Thermory Barrel Sauna, you escape into your own private sanctuary of heat, steam, and quiet comfort, unmatched by any other barrel.


You work hard enough. Now, it’s time to claim your reward.

Rethink your

The way you recover from your workout can be the difference between pushing hard today and pushing even harder tomorrow.


A Thermory Barrel Sauna is your own personal space to speed your body’s natural healing process through the power of heat and steam.


Just relax and let your sauna do the work to help rejuvenate sore muscles, improve joint movement, and eliminate the toxins that build up during exercise.


So, no matter what the gym takes out of you, you always finish strong.

Rethink your

Apologies to your charcuterie spread … but once you have your own Thermory Barrel Sauna, your friends won’t want to hang out anywhere else.


With space for up to six and more room to relax than other barrel saunas, a Thermory Barrel Sauna gives you and your crew an exclusive spot to get together and be yourselves.


Just don’t blame us when nobody wants to leave.

Build your own.

How you spend your downtime deserves the attention to detail to make it extraordinary.


With your choice of sizes and options, Thermory Barrel Saunas give you the freedom to customize your sauna experience to make it truly your own.


Ready to create your personal sauna experience?


Our interactive barrel building tool makes it easy. Just answer a few simple questions and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your own private backyard oasis.