Front angle Ignite Barrel Sauna
Front angle Ignite Barrel Sauna
Back of Ignite Barrel Sauna
Side angle Ignite Barrel Sauna
barrel front angle

Front angle

barrel front


barrel back


barrel side


Ignite Barrel Saunas

Outer beauty. Inner peace.

Ignite mirrors the charred look of shou sugi ban,
with the durability that only thermal modification can deliver. And because the process is flame-free, there’s no messy residue—only realistic texture that marries ancient tradition with modern living.

The most spacious

The diameter on our larger models gives you more than seven feet of headroom and deeper benches to sit or fully recline.

The most durable

Thermally modified Nordic spruce never shrinks for unmatched durability and stability, along with 25 years of proven rot resistance.

The most comfortable

Unlike cedar which can become rough, our Nordic softwood is milled to give you the smoothest surface that's never too hot.

Thermal modification isn’t our only difference.

Ours are the only thermally modified barrel saunas in North America. So, you get the beauty of real wood, naturally enhanced with only heat and steam for unequaled durability and stability. And your sauna never shrinks—even in changing weather conditions. Cedar can’t say that.

Spacious Ignite Barrel

Functional design

Thermory Barrel Saunas are larger than standard barrel saunas. The interior of our most spacious model measures more than seven feet across, giving you plenty of height for standing and deeper benches for lying down.

Thickness and strength

Our staves are thicker than most (if not all) in the barrel sauna market. This contributes to your sauna’s solid construction and overall weight, giving you greater durability and heat retention while minimizing noise from outside your barrel.

Front of Ignite Barrel Sauna
Close up of Ignite wood

Rot resistance

Our saunas are thoughtfully constructed with a keystone stave at the top and bottom. These allow the remaining staves to point upward to reduce the potential of water being trapped in the gaps. So, you get 25 years of worry-free rot resistance.

Color transformation

Although durable, Thermory’s Ignite finish will require repainting to stay fresh outdoors. The unfinished Nordic spruce will transform to a distinguished silver in the elements. To preserve the spruce’s natural color, treat the boards with a penetrating UV protective oil.

Heat. Steam. Cool. Done.

Thermal modification is a chemical-free process that gives you the beauty of real wood, naturally enhanced with only heat and steam for unequaled strength and stability—even in changing weather conditions. And with greater insulating properties compared to unmodified wood, our wood is never too hot on your feet.

The right wood. The right way.

We source all our wood using responsible forestry practices, never laying a finger on our tropical woodlands and rainforests. And wood is the only naturally renewable building material that doesn’t generate hazardous waste. So, when you choose Thermory, you’re not just investing in quality, but in the health of our planet, too.

If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

When you supply the wood to build saunas in Scandinavia—the home of sauna culture—you must be doing something right. So, go with the barrel sauna chosen by the people who know best.

Ignite Barrel Porch

Sitting porch

Your Thermory Barrel Sauna’s optional porch is the perfect place to take breaks between sessions. It’s also a good spot to leave your shoes, your robe, and your troubles.

Sauna Barrel Bench


When you entertain in your Thermory Barrel Sauna, there’s never a bad seat in the house. But if you want the whole thing to yourself, choose a bench length that lets you recline in comfort.

Ignite Barrel Window

Extra-wide window

No matter what’s outside—rain, snow, or jealous neighbors—enjoy the view through your Thermory Barrel Sauna’s dramatic, half-moon-shaped window.

Ignite barrel with rain jacket

All-weather protection

Your Thermory Barrel Sauna’s thermally modified wood is built to withstand the elements for up to 25 years. But if you want to baby this beauty, the rain jacket is included for coverage in wet weather.

Heating options

With a minimalist design and high stone capacity, HUUM heaters give you long-lasting heat and steam. And your sauna’s curved interior ensures even heat distribution, so nobody fights for the “good seat.”

Barrel specifications


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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail—right down to our installation guides. Your Thermory Barrel Sauna comes with pre-cut and pre-milled staves and cradles, so there’s no cutting necessary. In less than a day, you and a few friends can have your sauna fully constructed.

Installation guides

Smiling and relaxing woman sitting in a sauna

Take the next step.

How you spend your downtime deserves the attention to detail to make it extraordinary.


With your choice of shape, sizes and options, Thermory Saunas give you the freedom to customize your sauna experience to make it truly your own.


Simply request a consultation to get started.

Front view of natural barrel sauna
Front view of the sauna square
Front of Ignite Barrel Sauna